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Cubatic has extensive experience in handling fragile mono-and-poly-crystalline silicon solar cells. Whether standard or thin-film wafers, we customize automated conveyance and loading/unloading for any number of different processes and in-line testing. For key test operations such as dark and light current-voltage (I-V) and resistance measurements as well as photoluminescence (PL), Cubatic also provides customized turn-key solutions. These feature robotic wafer placement from the conveyor into test stations assuring consistent and reliable process flow. Wafers that do not meet preset test criteria are automatically identified and separated. In this way, more in-depth analysis can be performed outside of the normal process flow.

The solar industry is highly dependent on lowering overall costs. New materials are entering the market offering better performance with less material consumption. Many of these new approaches are still in the early stages and have not yet reached a serious ramp phase to volume. Cubatic designs all of its pilot line solutions with a clear focus on manufacturability. This requires innovative approaches to all aspects of wafer handling. Often standard equipment does not match these new processes, which can include unique form factors and novel substrates especially for ultra-thin wafers; therefore, a high degree of customization is needed. This is where Cubatic’s experience is a plus. We look forward to helping our customers with all aspects of wafer handling and testing.

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