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Precision Machining

For all phPicture2ases from R&D to prototype and ramp, we are committed to providing quality machined parts with fast delivery to meet your production goals. Our machines are capable of meeting requests that require high accuracy and consistency. We can meet demands for rapid prototyping to production.




Quality Assurance:
Our machine shop is ISO9001.2008 certified and performs quality and process control for machining and assembly.

Design for manufacturing  • Prototyping • Production • Inspection • Auto screw • Assembly • Fixtures

Boring  • Drilling • Milling • Lathing • Tapping • Threading • Turning • Sawing


Name Accuracy
CNC Milling 0.005mm
CNC Lathe 0.005mm
Wire Cutting Machine 0.01mm
Electrical Discharge Machine 0.01mm


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