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Impressions from Bay Area Battery Summit

Our team recently attended the second annual CalCEF/CalCharge Bay Area Battery Summit at SLAC to learn about the battery and storage market. This event is where non-profit organizations and thought leaders gather to discuss in-depth and address fundamental questions about energy storage in electric vehicles, utility and home.

We learned market forces driving the growth of battery storage. Recent factors driving demand are:
a. the danger of gas
b. diesel is more costly to drive
c. cost savings of driving an EV

2. Switching form utilities to natural gas peakers is to add storage with batteries.
Gas peakers can generate energy when demand spikes, during hot days or cold days. They currently are doing the job well but comes with high costs and pollution. New renewables with batteries are providing a low-cost alternative.

3. Pollution is reduced by use of E-bus and is a great success.
Europe is five years ahead when it comes to setting and enforcing standards. Followed by the U.S. setting national standards set by California. China, known for having one of the worst pollution problems, institutes pollution control in order to enable work and habitability in certain areas.

The market outlook for replacing gas peakers:
In 2010, the total market for storage was less than 30GWh (less than $1Bn) By 2020, the market could reach 550GWh and be on the way to 1TWh.

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