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Battery/EV + Storage

The Battery market is poised for tremendous growth over the coming decade. Whether for EV and other electric propulsion applications or for energy storage, batteries will occupy an ever increasing share of the entire electric power storage market. New battery technologies continue to emerge promising better efficiencies, faster charge rates, more compact footprint and lower cost. Before new battery system concepts become ready for manufacturing, they must undergo prototyping and verification of manufacturability in a pilot line. Cubatic has extensive experience in automation solutions including conveyance and loading/unloading for any number of different processes and in-line testing. Our unique and customized solutions feature robotic test stations assuring consistent and reliable product flow.


The battery industry is highly dependent on lowering overall costs. In addition to novel pack and module approaches, our automation solutions also handle new battery concepts at the cell level. Many of these concepts are still in the early stages and have not yet reached a serious ramp phase to volume. This is where Cubatic’s pilot line solutions will do the job. We customize all of our pilot lines with a clear focus on manufacturability. Frequently, this requires innovative approaches to all aspects product prototype handling. Often standard equipment does not match these new processes with unique form factors and novel materials. Hence a high degree of customization is needed. This is where Cubatic’s experience is a plus. We look forward to helping our customers with all aspects of prototype handling and testing.

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