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CTC’s Expansion Into The Laser Micro Machining Industry

Cubatic is expanding into the laser micro machining industry by providing automation and system integration services to NSI Laser, a laser micro machining company. NSI specializes in a variety of laser micro machining solutions, such as etching, drilling, skiving, and routing. As the applications requiring laser micro machining evolves, so does the need for automation and system integration.

An example of a market driving towards laser micro machining is the PCB industry. Miniaturization of products and devices are driving the HDI market to require laser micro machining of micro via holes. Thus, manufacturing capabilities are extending beyond mechanical machining, and are now faster and more flexible when integrated with Cubatic automation. Cubatic provides the automated loading and unloading into the laser process.

The combination of an automated laser process with flexible automation to load and unload parts into and out of laser processes is ideal for volume production and will help achieve production efficiency and productivity. Examples of automation options for loading and unloading include robotic pick and place and conveyor belt transfer. The next series of blogs will discuss automated material handling for different applications such as PCB panel processing and thin films.