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Founded in 2012 on the premise of automation and engineering expertise, Cubatic Technology has already been recognized for innovative solutions to unique and complex processes. With our customer-focused approach, we turn concepts into reality, from design to prototype to pilot-line manufacturing.


We deliver custom-engineered designs with direct focus on manufacturability. The result is reflected in the rapid transition from concept to scalable prototypes. Our engineering design team members all have deep roots in the Silicon Valley high-tech infrastructure with experience and backgrounds ranging from doctorates at Stanford University to engineering design and program management at companies such as Applied Materials, JDSU, and Varian.

Conveniently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, our automation and engineering design team is ready to provide customized manufacturing solutions for emerging technologies and markets such as EV/Battery and Solar. All of these require nontraditional automation design approaches for which our expertise is uniquely suited.

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