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Who We Are

As an automation and engineering design company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we help Silicon Valley companies with pilot line design and prototype production. Our portfolio of customized manufacturing solutions consists of automated testing, precision assembly, inspection, and metrology systems. Using a modular design approach, we provide individual equipment as well as a complete automation line.

Custom Automation

In any assembly or testing process, automation enables low operational variability and increased productivity. Automation is not only used for factory assembly lines, but also for single operations requiring error-free assembly. There are both economic and social benefits including, but not limited to, cost savings, improved safety and quality. We offer the experience, expertise, and technology to improve accuracy, precision, and quality to automate processes that are difficult to do manually.


Robots are programmable devices especially designed for repetitive tasks with a high degree of accuracy. Cubatic has extensive experience with several different types of robots. Recently we entered into a partnership with a major German manufacturer of robots.

Vision Inspection

Vision inspection goes hand in hand with robotics enabling precise guidance and accuracy. High resolution optics, lasers and cameras can detect defects, monitor tolerances, and measure parts to ensure conformity and quality. We have implemented numerous automation systems with inline inspection for process verification.

test automation

Automation is not limited to repetitive assembly processes, as it is also increasingly used in testing. A manual test approach is often more tedious and time consuming and can also be affected by human error. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of test automation ranging from resistance, voltage, and power testing.

Loader and Unloader

Bringing a sub-assembly or product to an automated process or test frequently involves conveyance. We are experienced with both belts and ball screws for anything from wafers to battery cells and packs.

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